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Mission Eureka

Philips Museum in Eindhoven launches Mission Eureka: an iBeacon industry first

Designed by experience company Northern Light in a close partnership with Glimworm Beacons – Mission Eureka is an interactive iBeacon enabled iPad game that is seamlessly integrated into the physical space of the exhibition.

The game starts by creating a team and as you walk through the exhibit you look for clues that you will need to pass a quiz. When you get close to one of 8 special iBeacon integrated kiosks (pictured to the right) that unlock 8 games according to themes such as lighting and radiology you must pass the quiz, place the iPad in a niche in the kiosk and play the game to get to the next section.

Its hard to explain but fortunately they made a great video which shows how the game works in the actual exhibit

This is a real industry first- successfully bridging the gap between the virtual and physical as well as parents and children.  This is the sort of interactive functionality our beacons make possible and we are proud to be part of creating the next generation of educational games.

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