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Glimworm Battery+ Beacon

Introducing The Power of Choice


One Beacon – Two Options

We are now shipping the world’s first dual powered beacons. By combining USB and battery power in one beacon Glimworm Beacons has eliminated the battery problem completely, providing choices instead of limits.

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The World’s First Dual Powered Beacon

Now by combining USB and battery power options in one device we are giving developers an option they have been wanting for a long time. Ever since the beginning of the beacon hype the biggest issue has been battery life and the problems surrounding accessing and changing batteries not to mention optimizing settings to increase the average life of the tiny coin sized batteries.

By providing the ability to choose and change the way customers power their devices, we have eliminated a difficult step in the decision making process and given our beacons a serious benefit – eliminating the battery problem completely.

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Format: PCUSB
Battery: CR2450
Battery Life: 1 yr @ 1285ms
Battery Level Display: user selectable ON/OFF
USB Power: YES
iBeacon Compatible: YES
UUID: User Configurable
Major: User Configurable 1-65535
Minor: User Configurable 1-65535

Advertisement rate: 100ms or 1285ms (selectable)
Advertisement Interval: 100ms to 7s in 15 steps (selectable)
Range: 2m, 20m, 50m (selectable)
Bluetooth chip: Texas Instruments CC2450
Compatible configuration apps: iOS- Github v2.1 and above, osX – not compatible, Android – current Github

Glimworm Beacons are built to be branded

When we designed the beacons we thought hard about the customer’s physical environment so we made the design stylish and beautiful but also rebrandable. The design has a removable cover but it is re-brandable with a combination of coloured injection mounding and rubber stamping. If this is what you want you can have a custom logo on white free with 200 beacons and a custom colour free from 400 beacons. For lower quantities just ask, but we can assure you it won’t be as expensive as you think.

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What is a Glimworm beacon?

Change batteries fast- removable cover, easy access
Nice Glossy finish- any color any brand
Clip in and out PCB- remove and place anywhere.
Made for extensions & customizations- add sensors and USB power.
Internal LED light glows to indicate activity or program to purpose.
Industrial standard weatherproof cases available.
Custom cases available for special orders.
Open Source API

Open source software

We provide software for you to set up and manage your beacons, we supply a cloud based registration system at no cost. The cloud based system is also downloadable free of charge via github if you want run the show yourself.