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iBeacon news

The customer trackers

Apr 30 via

How to use beacon technology to market to customers in the real world – via their gadgets. Glimworm Beacons mentioned as one of 3 top providers.

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Tickto Proximity Sensor: One Beacon to Rule Them All

Dec 22 via Tickto

Tickto proximity sensors are on the rolls! You talk about comprehensive proximity marketing solution, inventory management, real-time updates about campaigns, in-store product promotion, footfalls, rate of customer engagement and conversion.

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Rotterdam Central District worldwide first “Beaconized” city district

Online agency Mangrove developed a launching app for Rotterdam Central District (RCD) with use of the marketing suite of Dutch tech startup Notificare making interactive notifications on all mobile devices possible. The plug-in offers app developers an easy end-to-end iBeacon™ solution.

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iBeacon: Transcending Boundaries and Limits in Museums and Exhibits

Dec 01 via dex consulting

With the rise of iBeacons in different establishments such as restaurants and retail stores, museums and exhibits have also joined the cause. The incorporation of iBeacons in museums and exhibits, coupled with its audio tours and tour guides, will make any person’s visit a memorable one.

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Beacon Case: treasure hunting in the city of Amsterdam

November 25, 2014 via
Social gifting app Treatz used the popular Sinterklaas event in Amsterdamto promote the use of their app: during the Saint Nicholas “intocht”, Treatz app users were able to take part in a treasure hunt. They received clues (ibeacon triggered push messages) on their Iphone that led them to places where presents were handed out.
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The World of Beacons

October 29, 2014 via
With the rise of consumer mobile technology and advances in ID technology, the time is ripe for another progressive disruption which can combine the power of the ubiquity of Smart phones and the ID technology that is poised to work seamlessly with them and yet provide significantly enhanced customer experiences. Enter the world of Beacons!
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Mapping In-Door Mobile Marketing Goals With Glimworm Beacons

July 23, 2014 via
Jonathan Carter, co-founder of Glimworm Beacons, explains the growing excitement around iBeacons and how these advanced location transmitters can deliver alerts and deals to consumers on their smartphones.
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iBeacons and what Apple Expects from Apps Developers

April 18, 2014 via
The number of beacon manufacturers is growing by the day and as of this month the top ten would be BlueCats, BlueSense, Estimote, Gelo, Glimworm, Gimbal, Kontakt, Sensorberg, Sonic Notify, PayPal and Adomaly.
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Bring Home The Beacon Hackathon Recap

March 6, 2014 via
And what a wonderful weekend it was at Geekdom SF! After 423 tweets (#BringItSF) and 3 days of hard work and coding, 17 projects were demoed on Sunday night and they just blew us away.
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List of the 9 biggest iBeacon manufacturers

March 4, 2014 via
The number of beacon manufacturers is increasing rapidly. We have gathered a list of the 9 biggest manufacturers that you need to consider if you are planning a Beacon based app project.
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iBeacon Hackathon: What Would You Create?

January 11, 2014 via
Giving yet another reason to jump on a plane to Europe, Glimworm is holding a Bluetooth LE hackathon in Amsterdam with some interesting challenges for local developers.
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The Reach of Beacons (White Paper)

In a partnership with Glimworm, we would like to analyze this reach in the market, hardware, and software space to understand where the ecosystem been, where it is today, and where it’s going.
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Bluetooth Beacon Handbook

Proximity technology shows up in a lot of IoT products, and that includes a growing number of Bluetooth beacon systems for retailers. Retailers can use beacons to enhance the shopping experience based on exactly where each customer is located in the store.
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Mission Eureka | Bring out the inventor in you!

Mission Eureka is an innovative game for all the family about 100 years of Philips inventions, for everyone from age 8. The innovative iBeacon technology used means that the iPad automatically recognizes where the game is and each time starts the group games right away.
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iBeacon Comparison

Check out our beacon comparison chart to see which fits your needs best.
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Battle of the Beacons. Why not every beacon is an iBeacon

There is a lot going on in the emerging beacon market. After the introduction of iBeacon by Apple exactly one year ago the market is getting mature at a fast pace. The last twelve months we saw lot’s of vendors selling little printed circuit boards in a variety of form factors some as small as coins everybody calling them iBeacons.
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Order Glimworm Beacons at

It didn’t take long since it was founded in 2010 for “” to become the indoor positioning and navigation technology leader.
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Luggo | Find your luggage on the go

Luggo allows you to assign your beacon (of any brand) to a suitcase. After assigning your beacons you place the beacons in your suitcase(s) and while you are waiting for your luggage to arrive at the luggage belt, you will get a notification when your suitcase(s) are in range.
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