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iBeacon enabled culture, museums & art

The potential for museums, tourism, culture and art are just now being explored with great success. Recently we helped the Waag Society with a test for an app that provided seamless information about plants at the Hortus Botanicus here in Amsterdam. Soon the first iBeacon integrated museum app in the Netherlands will be published for the Philips Museum in Eindhoven using Glimworm Beacons. We are also proud to have been a part of Amsterdam Poetry Week when we teamed up with Muze Peozie App to create a unique “find secret poems” experience. Ibeacon technolgy will change the way we relate to cultural objects and interact at art shows or poetry readings. Exciting new ways to engage the public with city tours informing them about points of interests, historical locations and public art are emerging and the possibilities for cultural tourism are seriously fun.

Inside and outside, Beacons make it possible for objects and people to connect in meaningful ways never thought of before- take a look and see and read for yourself:

For more information about what Glimworm Beacons are doing in retail contact us at [email protected].

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  • Seamless media rich tours: No QR codes, scanning or searching just relevant content appearing on your screen about the object you are in front of- then and there.
  • Enable audio tours with Beacons- we have already tested this and it works perfectly- no more need for expensive audio tour solutions.
  • With just a bit of code take any media rich app to the next level with beacons triggering actions (opening up media) at the right place and time without pushing any buttons.