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iBeacon enabled festivals

Because of increased connectivity and speed, Smart Phones are changing the way we experience and interact with the world around us. Festivals are a clear example of how this enriches large scale art or media experiences. The Music Festival experience is especially significant as a cultural phenomenon where people seamlessly connect to friends around the world sharing their photos and videos and having chats about whats happening “then and there”. Ibeacons are set to make a major contribution to the Music Festival experience creating new opportunities for seamless media rich apps providing micro-location based interactivity as well as meaningful social P2P and gaming experiences.

There are so many possibilities which are just being explored- here are some recent articles about what is happing with iBeacons and Festivals now:

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  • Integrate micro-location interactivity with existing apps providing information about exhibits, concerts, musicians, food, performances- exactly where is it wanted.
  • Using a combination of iBeacons, P2P smart phone linking, Geo-location and mapping have a find my friends feature on any interactive floor plan or map.
  • Extend brand recognition and increase sales by sending special offers for food and drink or create branded social games and scavenger hunts with prizes or points.