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Integration with geoHopper

During the Appsterdam iBeacon discovery day event we established that Glimworm Beacons are fully compatible with GeoHopper.

Geohopper is a suite of ready made apps for automating beacons. In their blog they cite 10 things you can do now with iBeacons.  The Glimworm will work with the GeoHopper suite of apps so you can really do these today!

1. “Auto-Lock and walk” your Mac
2. Flip iChat Status to “Out” when stepping away
3. Send a notification as you arrive
4. Create your own “club card” with passbook
5. Remotely snap a webcam photo and email it to yourself
6. Light turn on when you arrive
7. Post to group chat  as staff enter or leave the building
8. Make a dramatic entrance as “Eye of the Tiger” starts playing when you walk in.
9. Keep a log of when you enter and leave your car in google docs
10. Post a message to Twitter when near a beacon


Geohopper make both IOS apps and desktop management software for iBeacons and its a great fit for the Glimworm MAXI.

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