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iBeacon enabled service

The service industry will never be the same. Beacons make it possible to delver a completely new way of engaging customers who want to place orders now or want detailed information about what they are buying. We all know how difficult it is to train staff to inform or deliver quickly in a busy environment and beacons give the customer and your staff new opportunities to satisfy and create happy customers and the repeat business that means. Beacons have the ability to help your staff and customers communicate in new ways:

We are just beginning to understand how powerful Beacons can be in shopping malls, stores and at point of purchase. Here are some recent articles by industry leaders:

For more information about what Glimworm Beacons are doing in retail contact us at [email protected].

Order now

  • Place orders seamlessly with Smart Phones and Peer to Peer connections
  • Ask for assistance when and where its needed- staff can be alerted and find the customer quickly
  • Now iBeacons make it easy to make reservations and in the near future cardless payments