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iBeacon enabled special events, conferences & networking

One of the more interesting projects we are working on is making a Beacon that is build into reusable name tags. The idea is simple- when you go to a special event you are always looking for people so use the event app to invite people to opt-in to iBeacon alerts. When you are close to each other, both your name tags begin to glow and pulse. Currently we are working on a prototype with our friends at Total Active Media and are hoping to begin testing in June but there are many other uses our current beacons have that can create new opportunities for Networking at special events and congresses:

There are many more applications for beacons in this growing industry some more obvious than others; read about this new trend from industry bloggers- you’ll be surprised.

For more information about what Glimworm Beacons are doing in retail contact us at [email protected].

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  • Destination Marketing (iBeacon enhanced indoor navigation) for large congresses or special events help people find where they are and locate places they want to go.
  • Geo-fencing with beacons is a perfect way to give booths at a congress extra pull by sending messages and/or special offers to attendees close to them that are interested in their products or services
  • Context Marketing is another way to give booth owners extra value by displaying relevant information to attendees very close to them or prompting them to make an appointment if they are busy.