100 x Packages of 4 Glimworm Beacons – custom colour – gloss finish + single colour logo


With an order of 100 boxes you can choose to have the cover in your own colour and with your own logo applied with single colour rubber stamping.

Before we make the order we will call you to ask for your logo in a digital form and to discuss the delivery time.

Contained in the package is:

  • 400 beacons with high gloss covers in your own colour
  • 400 batteries
  • A quick setup guide
  • The setup software for OSX and iOS
  • Free access to the Glimworm iBeacon Cloud API to manage your beacons
  • Downloadable open source management api if you want to run the API yourself

We can ship anywhere in the world. We won’t ask for payment until we have set an delivery date which will be around 14 days before you receive the beacons.

Standard shipping is done with normal Post but you can choose to ship via DHL Express for an additional fee if you want your order fast.

If you are in the Netherlands you will have to pay dutch BTW (Sales tax). If you are outside Europe or if you enter your own BTW/VAT number (not dutch businesses) then this is zero.

If you're interested in ordering more than just our standard pack of 4, please take a look at our special packages:

For special inquiries please fill in our contact form and we will reply as soon as we can.

We're currently developing all sorts of special beacons:

  • Outdoor Battery Operated Beacons
  • Wearable Beacons
  • Outdoor Powered Beacons
  • Mesh Networked Beacons
  • PCB only Beacons
  • Nano Beacons
  • Backward Shielded Beacon

More information is available on our Options page. For special inquiries please fill in our contact form and we will reply as soon as we can.

Your order will be sent immediately upon payment

Payment options include PayPal and iDeal. Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to pay through direct bank transfer.