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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I setup my Glimworm Beacon?

To download the setup software and the instructions you can visit

How are Glimworm Beacons powered?

The beacon works on a CR2450 battery (included in the package). Slide the battery in the clip and the beacon will power up and is ready to be configured with our software.

Where and how can I mount the Glimworm Beacons?

You can mount the Glimworm Beacon to almost everything! Every Glimworm Beacon is supplied with a mounting set (screw, wall plug and double sided tape). You can use either the screw set or the double sided tape whatever fits your situation best.

Are Glimworm Beacons weather resistant?

This model of the Glimworm Beacon is designed for indoor use only.

How do I order more or branded Glimworm Beacons?

If you need more Glimworm Beacons or looking for branded Beacons please visit our online shop

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