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Understanding and protecting your battery life

In this article I will explain the characteristics of battery length and how you can balance the settings on a Glimworm Beacon to get the maximum out of your battery

A standard Glimworm Beacon can operate for up to a year on a single battery but unlike many other brands you can exchange the battery easily with batteries which are easily order able on the internet.

The parameters that influence the battery life are

  • The advertisement rate
  • The range
  • Whether you enable battery life reporting
  • How often you connect and re-configure your beacons


Range v Rate table

  5m 20m 50m
Advertisement rate  
1.2 secs 1 yr 11 mo 10 mo
852ms 8 mo 7 mo 6 mo
400ms 4 mo 3 mo 2.5 mo
200ms 2 mo 1.5 mo 1.2 mo
150ms 1 mo < 1 mo < 1 mo

monitoring battery life

Unfortunately if you enable the monitoring of the battery life in the beacon settings then you will drain the battery. For all production situations we recommend to disable this setting


The largest drain on your battery is when you connect to configure. Therefore making sure that connections are not accepted is the best war to protect your battery life. There is a setting in the app to disallow connections. We use this setting in ALL production situations