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How to Keep Your Toyota Corolla’s Leather Seats Looking New.

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Toyota Leathers

If you’ve upgraded to leather seats in a new  Toyota Corolla, it’s important to learn how to look after these car’s seats and keep them looking new for many years.

One method of keeping leather seats clean and free from stains and other marks by using specialised cleaner and conditioner products. These can be bought at any auto parts store and are easily applied directly to seats using a household rag, making sure to follow the instructions on the bottle carefully to avoid causing damage.

After cleaning the leather, conditioner can be applied that will help keep the surface of the leather dry and free from cracks, as well as guarding against sun damage such as fading. Conditioner should also be applied vigorously with a cloth or rag.

clean leather

Leather may be renowned for its durability and resilience to damage, but that doesn’t mean you should take a lax attitude towards care of your Toyota Corolla seats, especially as the leather ages and becomes more susceptible to damage from dirt, oils and UV rays. When buying two-part leather cleaner solutions for your car seats, it’s generally advised to avoid cheaper products that may contain gloss agents, silicones or petroleum distillates, as these can create a greasy finish and spread to other surfaces, such as clothing.

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