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Bobby Barney Brendan and Cindy

In this Article I will explain how to use a pack of 4 Glimworm Beacons to set up 4 beacons I use in most of the tutorials. The beacons will be named Bobby, barney, Brendan and Cindy and have different major and minor numbers so that we configure different scenarios

What you need

  • A package of 4 Glimworm Beacons Purchase
  • The Iphone configuration app Download here
  • About 15 minutes of time

The configuration we will set up results in the following set of beacons :

# Name UUID Major Minor Range
1 Bobby [default] 100 1 20m
2 Barney [default] 100 2 20m
3 Brendan [default] 100 3 20m
4 Cindy [default] 200 1 20m


Step1 – Install the configuration app

Presently the configuration app is available to download via GITHUB and then you should use Xcode to compile it and put in on your iPhone. Full instructions can be found on the software installation page of the GlimwormBeacons website


Step2 – Set up the beacons

Using the App, find a beacon and use the the configuration tabs to search for beacons

Once you have found a beacon tap on it and the setup screen will come up

All tutorials use the default UUID so don’t change this. then set up The Major, Minor and Range in accordance with the table at the start of this article

Click update and then each one is done