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On the 11th of January 2014 we held an iBeacon Discovery Day in Amsterdam North at A-LAB. During the day the first 10 Glimworm Beacons were tested out by members of the Appsterdam App development community.

As well as handing out our first beacons we also set 10 challenges and by the end of the day over half has been programmed and demonstrated.

Glimworm launched the website on the 15th January and that makes them the first and so far only Apple iBeacon compatible Beacon manufacturer in the Netherlands.

The following movie tells the story of the day where Glimwom IT and Appsterdam got 40 developers together to test the first 10 Glimworm iBeacon prototypes fresh off the 3-D Printer. The first Amsterdam iBeacon Discovery Day was fun, exciting and produced some surprising results. This 12 minute video captures the collaborative atmosphere and documents specific demonstrations of what an iBeacon can and should do as well as asking several experts what they think the future of iBeacons will be.