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Coming soon: USB Powered


Outdoor Battery Operated


With a waterproof industry standard casing the Outdoor Battery Operated Glimworm Beacon can stand up to any weather


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Coming soon: Wearable Beacons


Outdoor Powered


Waterproof and weatherproof casing protects the Outdoor Powered Glimworm Beacon indefinetely


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Coming soon: Mesh Networked Beacons


PCB only Beacon


With our Clip Mount you can attach Glimworm Beacons anywhere


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Coming soon: Nano Beacons


Backward Shielded


Adding a metal plate to the back of the case adds directivity to the emitted signal


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Bulk order perks:

Receive Free:


– Branding with orders of 50+ Beacons

– Colouring with orders of 100+ Beacon


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Glimworm Beacons Configuration App Management tool for glimworm beacons