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The Top 4WD Accessories

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Your 4WD is probably one of your best things. It is able to tackle one the nastiest terrains you will ever come across. However, have you ever wondered what accessories your 4WD needs to make this possible? Read on to see some basic accessories that will enable you escape any calamity any off road excursion may throw up. Whether travelling in groups or alone, always make sure you bolt on the proper components to enable you extract yourself, by yourself, in case a need arises.

Top Essential 4WD Accessories

Bullbars and ‘Roo bars – Bullbars may seem totally useless when driving around the city. However, if your travel just 100Km from the city, you will realize how important these pieces of kit are. ‘Rod bars and Bull are specially designed to deflect any objects you may hit outwards and inwards. This helps prevent any creatures from flying into your windscreens and also helps reduce any damage to the front end of your car. In case of extremely bad terrain where you even have to bulldoze your way through , by maybe knocking over young trees and scrub, this bullbar will protect your 4WD. Roobars have a great versatility for bolting attachments; some things such as driving lights, winches, and lifting points are all located at the front of your car.